by: Bill Bratt


We need to acquire the know-how, education and preparation to achieve our goals. Humans are not like animals or birds with instinct. A baby calf will be walking a few minutes after it is born. Through instinct a bird knows how to build a nest automatically. We humans have to be taught or learn how to walk or talk and we must learn a skill to be able to make a living.

Setting goals is the first law of success and in order to achieve our goals we need to prepare or attain the education that is required to accomplish our goals.

Why is Education Important?

Basic reading, writing and arithmetic will get us somewhere, but not everywhere. The higher your education is, the better are your chances of creating opportunities for yourself and providing a better quality of life for yourself and your family.

There are more jobs on the market

now with the advent of technology that require education beyond high school. Technology has captivated business, finance and industry the world over, creating a demand for highly skilled workers. Advanced education provides the skills required in todayís technology-based employment opportunities. Many of these jobs require knowledge in working on computers and using many different software applications. Now a career might require extensive training on graphics programs, input peripherals, and computer aided design interfaces, in addition to Email, Internet Explorer, Quick Books, Bill Quick, Excel, Word, Word Perfect, Power Point, scanning and creating PDF files. Employers simply cannot afford to spend the time or money to train newly hired workers on all aspects of a high tech job.

Education is one of the most important tools that you will ever have.

Education is the second law of success.

Power in Knowledge

Schools, vocational schools and universities are the first sources of knowledge and we can utilize that knowledge to build our careers. Obviously we can obtain a lot of knowledge on-the-job, but without an education, that job may not be within our reach.

An interesting concept is that knowledge begets knowledge. When you possess knowledge you can become a more interesting person. You can talk about ideas and events instead of gossiping about your neighbor or talking about the latest Hollywood scandal.

Quality of Life

The chances are that the more education that you have, the more chances you will get for improving the quality of your life. You will have a better job, earn a higher salary, and if you are financially prudent, you will acquire the material comforts that not everyone can have.

According to the United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in 2008 and the median weekly earnings for the following groups was:

9.0% unemployment rate for those with less than a high school diploma and median weekly earnings was $453.

5.7% unemployment rate for high school graduates and their median weekly earnings was $618.

2.8% unemployment rate for those with a bachelorís degree and their median weekly earnings was $1,012.

2.4% unemployment rate for those with a masterís degree and their median weekly earnings was $1,233.

2.0% unemployment rate for those with a doctoral degree and their median weekly earnings was $1,561.

As you can see education pays in higher earnings and has lower unemployment rates.

Healthier Lifestyle

The medical profession recommends that people keep their brains healthy and active and that means that those who pursue higher learning have more opportunities to keep their brains and minds active.

If you try to learn something new every day, read broadly, working on continuing education units for your job, keeping your mind and your brain active then this should lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Maintain good health through eating properly, exercising, getting fresh air, sunshine and adequate rest.

Maintaining good health is the third law of success.

Prod Yourself and Persevere

Once you have set your goal and have decided to get the education that is required to accomplish your goal, it may take some prodding on yourself to do it.

We all need to have the drive and willpower to continue the education that is required.

If you attend a local college or university you will have a set time for classes and you will have to prod yourself to attend all of the classes and be there on time. If you are taking classes over the Internet this can become a real challenge since you are basically on your own and you really do have to prod yourself to do your class work and have it done on time.

Prodding yourself is the fourth law of success.

Obviously you need to persevere in your education and stick with it to finish your course of instruction.

Perseverence is the sixth law of success.

Be Resourceful

Some of the benefits of education will include resourcefulness. Being resourceful is being able to meet situations and being capable of devising ways and means to solve the problem and get the right answer. Education will help you in being resourceful and in your problem-solving skills.

Being resourceful is the fifth law of success. 

Contact with God

Letís look at education from a spiritual point of view. We need to read and study the Bible to learn about God, His truth and His way of life. This spiritual education is very important not only for now but for all eternity. Can you list all of the Ten Commandments in order? If not, you had better do some studying. Maintain your contact with God through prayer and Bible study every day.

The seventh law of success is to have contact with God.

A good education leads to success!