Digital Currency

By: Mark Armstrong 

Word is, all the major banks and credit card companies are participating in an experiment with digital currency. Except for cash or gold, isn't what we have now digital enough? Some people don't even carry cash, and buy everything with plastic. If the citizen loses access to cash, what's to become of freedom?

It's just a feasibility test, they tell us. Nothing to be alarmed about.... What happens when you put ESG scores in the financial system and start making rules governed by those scores? There are all kinds of dark suspicions that streamlined, world-wide financial transactions with a digital system will be used to control what we say and do. You've heard the phrase, "Your money is no good?"

The simulation exercise is meant to be a proof of concept, and they plan to publish the results. No doubt it'll be all innocent. After all, it's all being done in conjunction with the New York Innovation Center, a branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Kinda makes you tingly all over, doesn't it? According to their public statements, no financial institution is obligated to any course of action by participating in the simulation. Maybe all this would be fine, but if the financial institutions have your "tokens" they can regulate what you do with them. Is this stuff not tied to everything else they're doing? Is it not working in concert with the European geniuses that know better than everybody? With all this talk of "streamlining global transactions" by the same people who are trying to help a corrupt administration "stamp out oil," maybe we have reason for a lack of trust.

Bible prophecy predicts global financial control by means of something called the Mark of the Beast. That should give you some idea that it's not a righteous plot, especially after they attach all their do-good nonsense, equity, inclusion, diversity, whatever. The way everything is shaping up with ESG scores, it's enough to make you wonder what the end game is.

The elite of Europe act like "global government" is the answer to all the world's problems. But it comes with tremendous baggage. We reject the whole pretense! Global warming is nonsense. Even the corrupt polls show that it's way down the list of the population's concerns. But that doesn’t slow down the constraint brainwashing by government, media and institutions the world over. One headline said that most children are now "afraid" of global warming. Governments are bought in to the idea, because they think they can control the actions of entire populations if they can just eliminate freedom! That's right. They make all the decisions and we play along, or else there are consequences.

There's just one problem. We're not going to play along. Climate change, diversity, inclusion, sustainability; they're all catch words being taught at the colleges and universities. You must be some sort of throwback if you don't accept and play along with homosexual marriage. Our own Senate reportedly just passed a bill "protecting" same-sex marriage. Nope. We're not on board.

It may be that this FTX story has legs. Interesting that the whole exchange collapsed right after the mid-term winners and losers were announced. There was some real money all right. Several big names, many of which will be too embarrassed to make a big deal, are implicated.

Apparently Bitcoin was a great investment for those who got in early, but digital currencies have taken a beating in the wake of the FTX collapse. It seems odd that no one was interested in this bizarre company, run out of a penthouse in the Bahamas in which ten people lived. A lot of famous people had gone to bat, in some cases lending their names and their investments. They presumably lost their money. We probably won't be hearing from them. It's too big an embarrassment.

Big promises were made, and big money promised. Millions were reportedly donated to politicians, and some of that may be responsible for the mid-term outcomes. Headlines are being made about the money being returned, or donated to charity. But it's only a fraction so far.

Don't think this spells the end for digital currency controlled by all manner of regulation. We used to like cash for lots of good reasons. But how are these global institutions going to save the planet if they allow us to be free? They want to control what we think as well as what we say.

Meanwhile, the world's leaders are pursuing panic over their plans to save the planet. They've attended conferences that no longer question the theory. It's time for action! (Sarcasm) They now want nations to implement their "climate change goals," and it's being couched as human rights. But that's not all. They want to blend it with all the other catchwords, and some of them make the most abhorrent of behavior sound like a "human right."

If they control the money and what we do with it based on their own strategy for saving the planet and promoting perversion, we're not going to like it. There's bound to be some way to opt out. This is one time we hope to be wrong. But the big players in Europe are saying that GLOBAL rules that check all their boxes must be established. We'd hate to see their regulatory agenda. Turn policy decisions over to European institutions? That's not going to work! 

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Editorial Notes

Mark of the Beast, Read Revelation 13:16-17, "He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, {17} and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

ESG Scores is an objective evaluation of a company, a fund, or a security’s performance measured against Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. Google it to find out more.

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You can contact Mark Armstrong by phone: 903-561-7070. 

This article is from excerpts from his article posted in the magazine Twenty-First Century Watch -Fourth Quarter 2022.


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