by: Ronald L. Dart

They say the truth is the first casualty in any war, and there can't be much doubt that it's true.

First is the deliberate lie, the counterfeit. Adolf Hitler and his gang started lying long before they got into power, and they used murder and lies to get the power.

Then there is the confused lie. War and battle generate a lot of confusion and the confusion generates its own set of lies.

Then there's the frightened lie, fear of disclosure. Fear of loss. These things take a terrible toll on the truth.

And then there's the tactical lie. In Afghanistan, the Taliban lied to their people telling them that the Americans were dropping poisoned food for the poor Afghan people. The Pentagon countered by telling the Afghans that the Taliban was poisoning the American food shipments to turn the populace against us.

Then after all the lies told by the adversaries in war and their accomplices, there is the media, television, radio, newspapers, not that they deliberately lie, but they contribute mightily to the fog of battle. Now that we find ourselves in a war, we are going to have to learn to be very careful about the truth. Sometimes in war, we have to do things that are very unpleasant. People have to be killed, lies have to be told to mislead the enemy and to save the lives of our own troops. Does that trouble you? Good! It should, but sometimes it has to be done.

The important thing about lying in war is, you must never forget what the truth is!

The most dangerous liar is the man who lies to himself.

But all of this is done at great risk. We're in a war and in a war there is a chance that we will lose track of who we are and what we stand for. This is a time when we can't afford to be careless about the truth.

I'm Ronald Dart and you were Born to Win. 

This article was transcribed with minor editing from a Born to Win Radio Program given

by Ronald L. Dart - Titled: "Truth"

(2 Minute Program)  -  20 Years An Audio Celebration

Transcribed by: bb 6/20/17

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